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18th Apr 2016, 9:58 AM


Progress. Again!

I'm happy to say that page 21 is well on its way and our current rate of progress means that it should be up on time this week (and maybe even next week's page too!) 

Meanwhile if you want to see the finished Sad Izzy poster mosley on down to our Tumblr  or Facebook pages :) 

I'm going to try and make some headway and schedule an upload for friday. If I have enough advance I might be able to keep the pace up for the coming pages. We are also finally getting to parts where plotlines are actually unfolding. At least a little bit. Exciting stuff. Maybe with enough of a head start I can work on some of the other side pieces. Tomorrow I may try bringing my tablet in and hooking it up at work. We will see. I still need to update banners and avatars and hopefully rework the page layout. Unfortunately that had to be side-lined since I started new employment.

Still, all around good news :) 
How are you ? 


24th Feb 2016, 9:48 AM


Some overdue updating....

So it's been a while. Soul Sisters was on hiatus for much longer than I originally expected, partially due to my own lack of motivation (In itself due to a very buggy video card) and to a lack of time. (6 months or so, as my brother kept feeling the need to remind me)

You may well remember that we were moving in October and now we are finally (almost) all moved in. Still waiting for the place to get painted (most of it since my best friend who has a professional painting company is doing it for free, on their spare time, so its getting done one room at a time).  

In early December I quit my job after getting hired at a chemical company. Although I feel like I made the right choice, the change affected my schedule for the comic. I now work an extra 14 hours a week on average + another 8 - 10 hours of travel time. Compounded with the fact that my video card, which had been defective since I got it, has been getting progressively worse. Although I wish I could replace it, I can't currently afford to.

Finally, I am also working on another project for a video game. I had to prioritize getting the work done before tackling my own stuff.

These are all the factors that have contributed to the long hiatus. Last weekend I finally took my card out and cleaned it. I also stopped running Facebook in the background. Since then my video display appears to be more stable (It used to get graphic artefacts and the occasional (or not so occasional) blue screen). Although I haven't tested it extensively yet, the last few runs of Photoshop were error free.

When things settle down (maybe in June) I will buy a new card.

In the meantime I am trying to set up my schedule to allow for more drawing time in the evenings, and maybe even for some layout / page sketching on my daily commute to try and make the process faster without changing the art style too much.

Although my last page took forever to finish, I feel like my most recent Tobias is more true to what my original design was for him. Hopefully we can keep that up :p

Anyway, that is it for me for now. You can expect other pages to be coming soon enough (maybe one every 2 weeks, hopefully or faster if I can) but definitely more consistently then while on hiatus :P

See you at the next update!

22nd Feb 2016, 10:59 PM


We are back

Life is very busy these days but I hope to make time for all my art projects. 

Working on the next page, although I am going to have to update my banner and remove my friday updatae. I don't know if I can currently stick to a regular schedule without changing the art style of the comic to something simpler and less time consuming. But we will figure it out eh? 


In the meantime I leave you with a sample of a future panel / poster I have been working on...

A very sad Izzy.... A very sad Izzy...

Much love
I promise a proper update as soon as I have enough time to sit down and write it out

29th Oct 2015, 1:49 PM



So we are officially moved in and my computer is finally connected and ready to go which means as of this week, Soul Sisters is back in production. 

I'm including some pictures of my new set up (wee). There are still a few things to finish up (shelves, corkboard, painting the walls) but nothing that will get in the way of making some headway on SS. 


So excited to have everything in one place, with access to all my art supplies :D

I want to thank all our readers for your patience. See you at our next update! 


21st Sep 2015, 10:38 AM


Light at the end of the Tunnel

So we are finally nearing that moving date. Hard for us since they extended our condo delivery date by a month and a half a week before we were supposed to move in :o

All this to say that in approximately 3 weeks Soul Sisters will be resuming. I have a variety of sketches I have been drawing up for you guys to fill the gaps but I am scanner-less since its somewhere in the precariously stacked wall of boxes  :p so that too will have to wait until I move. Which is almost here! 15 days to be exact. So exicted. 

Meanwhile, more packing / cleaning / ikea shopping to do. 

But I can't wait to get back to the comic, and want to extend thanks to all those who keep reading, and commenting and following our Facebook page. 
Much love, more news soon. 

Here is an early sketch of Tobias for fun:


See you soon!