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20th Apr 2015, 12:39 PM


Vote for Soul Sisters!

For those of you interested in supporting us a little more, please feel free to make your way over to the topwebcomics and vote for us

Thanks laugh

19th Apr 2015, 7:07 PM


Free wallpaper

Created a whole 1 wallpaper so far :)

19th Apr 2015, 5:25 PM


Up up and AWAY!

Well we are now officially in the full swing of things. The main story is officially started (and this is the "real" first page

Meet Fulp, our resident Brookwood Sheriff. He is having a bad day :)

Some notes on the comic: I forget if I mentioned that I want to make my official Update day Fridays. I would also like to include a Monday update if possible (which it should be, considering) but I don't want to commit and overextend so lets just say Fridays for sure, and Mondays potentially. 

Also, as the story develops I think I would like to include a Character page, and eventually a town map / landmarks page. You might have to wait just a bit for either of those. My writer is busy with other things and since we originally wrote the story 2 years ago, some of my sketches and notes from back in the day are currently MIA. But it is in the works, I promise! Also expect a new layout in the coming weeks, when I have the chance to brush up on my CSS and whatnot :p

That's about it. Please feel free to comment and all that :) Thanks to those of you who are subscribing/voting/commenting. Its greatly appreciated!


14th Apr 2015, 4:23 PM


Book 1!!

I am so excited to announce that Book 1 is officially started. Now there is still a lot to do, but I hope to upload at least one or two pages a week, which at the begining shouldn't be too hard since that bit of the book is already sketched out so its just a matter of coloring it. I look forward to sharing the story with you guys and I appreciate all the subscriptions and comments. 

Still trying to get all this stuff set up little by little. We officially have a Patreon Page, so if you want to support this comic, it would be greatly appreciated :) 

Please feel free to comment or ask questions. All the participation is appreciated




Attached, the evolution of the second cover. My god that first sketch :p 

3rd Apr 2015, 1:31 AM


This note will self destruct in ...3 .... 2 .... 1....

There is only a handful of pages left for Book 0 and at least 2 out of hmmm.... lets say 4 are drawn out already. Which means that any day now we will be getting to * drum roll* BOOK 1!!! aka the actual story (and not this one time email from 2 years ago where the author sent me some scattered thoughts and said "draw this out, see what happens") 

Still, I always loved the message of said email because it captures the essence of the book. The dark, the tragic, the raw emotion... It is the perfect introduction to our two soul sisters. But book 1 is where its at! For realsies. 

I did not just say that. :p